6 Tech Trends to Look Out For this 2020

6 tech trends

Think about how technology in recent decades has changed the world in many ways. However, the development of technology ensures that the industry, as well as the daily world, will evolve further by 2020.

2020 is the final point for plans that have been gaining momentum over the last decade. Specifically, 2020 was crowned as “the year of a great technological leap.” Today, technology is developing at a faster pace like never before.

Individuals and businesses that don’t adapt to the new technological developments will certainly get left behind. Knowing the main changes will enable people and corporations to innovate and capture the possibilities.

We’ll discuss the list of the seven most significant emerging technologies in the tech industry that will be included in 2020 and will impact all or nearly all dimensions of work life.


6 tech trends

1. Artificial Intelligence as A Service

It’s no secret that AI or artificial intelligence is up there on the list of the important developments in the technology of our era. These will intensify in 2020, and although humans will inevitably be used to working directly with AIs, the development and production of our programs based on AI  will stay a costly prospect for most companies.

These systems, currently thanks to the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, appear to be somewhat wide-ranging, with (often expensive) custom-engineering needed to adapt them to the specific purposes that an enterprise might need.

We will expect to see a much-expanded use of this tech in the year 2020 and plenty of companies likely to begin creating customized software for unique or customized goals. There’s no doubt that eventually, every business will have to integrate AI into its operations.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things is the cornerstone for the next technological revolution and is known as another major advancement in remote monitoring technologies. We see today that IoT is affecting our lives, homes, and businesses, and sometimes even large cities and transit. In 2020 we expect to see 51 billion things integrated.

Owners can regulate everything in their homes, from lighting to temperature. Imagine this being implemented on almost any object. We’ll be seeing more watches like the Speedmaster, tools, and home appliances that can’t adapt to this technology

Researchers estimate over 50 billion ‘ objects ‘ (physical objects) will indeed be interacting by 2020. It’s not just the Internet of Things, with all this. It is going to be the “Internet of All” and “Everywhere.”

3. The Technology of Blockchain

Digital currency is a database used to monitor payments but protected because it is decentralized, first of all, and has an encrypted design. Many tech experts have been discussing during 2019 that the system was overrated and maybe not as efficient as they thought it would be.

Investments by entities like Mastercard, FedEx, and IBM during 2019, moreover, are likely to begin showing outcomes, proving their case, smaller companies and entities may easily lead to increased acceptance.

If everything remains as scheduled, 2020 might see the introduction of Facebook’s own blockchain-based now Libra crypto, which will create a whole uproar.

4. 5G Connectivity

The latest generation of mobile broadband connectivity will have super-fast bandwidth utilization speed and much more secure networks. It is predicted that in 2020, 5G really starts flying, with more competitive data plans, and also a much-expanded range, which means it’s going to be more open to the public.

Although 5G cellular data services were first introduced to the general public in 2019, they were still relatively limited and also costly to operate in cramped spaces or bigger cities.

5G connectivity is not just going to offer the opportunity to download higher-quality films and music when we’re on the road. The significantly hastened connectivity speeds will enable mobile services to be more accessible, even than the wired networks that reach into our businesses and homes.

5. 3D printing

There has been heavy use of 3D printers in recent years. It is a developing technology that has paved the way for new possibilities in different sectors. 2020 is the start-up year for 3D printers, that will mark the next tech revolution.

It is worth mentioning that the third wave of the industrial revolution is considered in 3D printing. The new production method would bring significant improvements to the current business structure.

It motivates people, anything they want to make. The new fabrication method would bring significant improvements to the current business structure.

6. Cyber Security Technology

Cyber Security is one of the most critical issues in today’s technological world and will keep on happening in the years to come, as it impacts every industry.

With the rise in internet-attacks, the main problems of IT professionals in almost every company are all issues related to security against external threats and online data protection. Therefore, companies should already be wholly adapted to the new system for data security and administration by 2020.


The opportunities and benefits given by these six technology developments are only infinite. Many experts believe it will undoubtedly improve our lives, both professionally and personally, to take advantage of these highly advanced technological developments in our society and workforce.

In any company, the pace of innovation progress would provide enough opportunities to develop and deliver the best service at the right time.

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