An Easy guide to activate Chase Bank Debit Card

Handling huge amounts of money has been made easy and simple with the help of credit cards and debit cards. Transactions made using the debit card and credit are more safe and secure. This is the reason why more and more people have become interested in obtaining these cards for their financial transactions. But many people face issues when trying to activate their debit cards for the first time. If you have any doubts on how to activate chase debit card, then here’s the answer. In this post, we will try to give you clear information about how to activate your debit card belonging to the Chase bank.

activate chase debit card steps

Get to Know about the Chase Bank!

Chase bank is one of the famous banks in United States of America. The bank has gained its popularity through providing trusted service in the financial section. Thousands of people have opened accounts in this bank and there are many people using the Chase debit card. It has around 5100 branches with approximately 16000 ATMs that span the whole country. But to use the chase debit card you first need to activate chase debit card. Only by activating this card, you can use it during your purchases and other transactions. Below we have provided you with some of the methods with which you can activate the card.

What to do when you want to Activate Chase Debit Card?

Now the methods to activate chase debit card falls into two categories. One is offline and another is online method. You can choose any one of your convenience and proceed with it. We will see each method individually to give you a clear picture.

Offline methods:

  • Use the ATM’s to activate your debit card.
  • Reach out to the customer service through placing a call.
  • Take a visit to the bank branch and do it in person.

Online methods:

  • Visit the online portal of the Chase bank to activate your debit card.
  • Download the mobile app of Chase bank and use it.

How to activate chase debit card offline?

Through ATM near your Residence

This is an easy method. To activate chase debit card just go to the ATM center that is near your place of residence. Then insert the card inside the machine. The machine will display the steps that you have to follow to activate your card. Just follow them to the letter and your card will be activated in no time.

Activate your Card through calling the Customer Service

Activating your debit card can be done by calling the customer care team of Chase bank. The bank has a dedicated team of experts that will guide you through the process. You just have to make the call to the numbers 800 821 2333 and 800 935 9935. These are the customer care numbers of Chase bank.

Once you are connected to an associate, tell them about your requirement. They will ask you to give the card number which is made up of 16 digits. Also, you will need to provide your social security number but only the last four digits. Apart from this information, you should also verify yourself by providing some personal data. This means you will be asked for your name, mother’s name and your date of birth.

Activate your card by visiting the branch of Chase bank

If you feel that the above methods are inconvenient then activate your debit card by visiting the bank’s branch. Go there and tell the bank’s official that you are there for activating your debit card. You will be asked for some personal information by the official. Upon giving it, the official will do the required to activate it. Within a short span, your card will get successfully activated.

How to activate the chase bank debit card online?

  • Activate the card via Online Portal
  • To activate the debit card through online method, visit chase bank’s official website.
  • You can do this by browsing the net for the online site
  • Once the page opens, you have to register yourself if you are a first time user.
  • For registering, you will ask to create a new log in ID and also a password.
  • This will create you your own online account with the Chase bank. Log into it.
  • If you already have an online account with the bank, skips the above steps. Just login to your account by providing the ID and password.
  • The next step after signing into your account is to visit the credit card section.
  • Click on it and see where the option for new card activation is.
  • Once you find it, tap on it.
  • Now, just provide them with the card number and other personal information they ask for.
  • Upon completing all these steps without errors, you will be confirmed about your debit card activation.
  • Download the app for Chase bank and Use it.

This method is similar to the one where you visit the online portal of chase bank. In this method, however, you are going to make use of the chase bank app. This app can download in your mobile and you can easily activate chase debit card. After you have downloaded the app, just visit the credit card section. Then look for the portal that is used for card activation. Again, similar to the other methods you will be required to enter some personal details. Do the same and your card will get activated soon enough.

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