Best Alternatives eBook sites for Bookzz in 2020

alternatives of bookzz

Bookzz is one of the most popular and best websites across the online platform to serve with numerous articles, novels, and eBooks for free. If you prefer to read articles or books then it is not required to visit a bookstore or a library for purchasing the books anymore. You can visit the Bookzz official website and download your preferred books or articles in a PDF file format. This website is one of the largest and huge eBook directories or libraries across the online platform to include above 3,000,000 articles or eBooks.

The readers can start easily read the books in an electronic version. They started to post the books without seeking proper permission from the publishers or writers and cause them a loss. The Bookzz website became more popular across the readers, scholars, and even students. It is always the toughest job to identify or locate the finest & legal books to download from the site. Remember that downloading eBooks from any illegal site is against copyright issues and requested to download the files only from legal websites.

alternatives of bookzz

Bookzz Alternative eBook Sites for Free

Find below the list of best alternative Bookzz eBook websites for downloading the books for your reference:


Smashwords is another best alternative Bookzz website and you can get every book from screenplays to an essay. It is much easier to browse and locate the best books or novels even from Indie writers or authors. This website includes a wide range of eBooks will entire genres such as romance, kids, art, history, fiction, science, and many more. The website will also publish the new work crafted for the readers. You can also utilize the search option to find your favorite author’s eBooks.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is also another best eBooks website that includes numerous million eBooks with free access. However, it is not appreciable with the user-interface. But when compared to the quality-content, they are much easier to utilize and download the eBooks for free.


Issuu, the modern media company will allow anyone to read the eBooks or even upload their publications to distribute worldwide. Without any registration or account sign-up, users are allowed to access the eBooks for free. In case if you prefer to download the eBooks then you need to check the list of authors who allow downloading the free eBooks using the Issuu account. This is another best eBooks website to download or read eBooks for free.


Scribd is another robust and impressive website for accessing or reading eBooks. This website will offer a free trial for one-month to access various magazines & audiobooks by using its precise user-interface. The homepage will showcase the best & trending eBooks for the reader’s benefit. It also includes some magazines and as well as documents to download. Scribd website will allow the users to share the magazines, eBooks, or documents with other users.

Get Free Books

Get Free Books, a legal website or portal that allow the users to download their favorite articles or eBooks. When compared with other eBooks website, Get Free Books site can be used to download eBooks for free of cost. Users can choose their favorite articles or eBooks from a wide range of databases or libraries. There are various engaging and interesting categories available to choose from.

Amazon Free Kindle Books

Within the Amazon Kindle store, users are allowed to buy any audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, Kindle books, and many more. Most of the Kindle books will include special features for improving the user’s reading experience. Readers are allowed with access to various Kindle Singles like Kindle-exclusive content. On your Kindle device, you need to access your Amazon account and choose your preferred genre, name, or author to download eBooks for free. You can explore more on Amazon Kindle store from thrillers, classics, science fiction, and many more. This is another best alternative Bookzz website for reading eBooks for free.

Many Books

Many Books website is one of the best eBooks sites to browse and locate your preferred eBooks quickly and easily. There are numerous eBooks available across the website and read them for free. Users can find various genres or categories of eBooks like business, literature, history, science fiction, fiction, romance, and many others. Most of the trending and popular eBooks are listed under the homepage for the reader’s benefit. It is much easier to browse and locate your favorite eBooks using the language, author name, or title. The user-friendly interface will assist the users to find the eBooks and download them easily.


FreeBookSpot is one of the best and most popular platforms for allowing readers to access the eBooks in various genres or categories. There are a total of 92 categories available in the site that includes archaeology, adult novels, astronomy, agriculture, sciences, law, technology, and many more. This eBooks website can provide a wide range of libraries for accessing articles or books. You can search using the genre, author, or category, and choose the book type to download and learn.

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