Best games to play with friends online 

best games to play with friends online

Best games to play with friends online are one of wonderful way getting engaged for enjoying your leisure time differently. Today the craze for playing games have become one of ‘Sokh’ of people which probably letting them get indulged into various types of games. They all are even looking for variety and especially at this moment of quarantine. So even if you are looking some ways to make your time really enjoyable even at home. Many says online games are fun if anyone has to just ignore their boredom but rather, I would say when there was not any lock down the craze of online game was the same as today in this quarantine time.

In 21st century the craze of online game is every day gets multiplied and everyday people wants something new or different. That is why, there is so many downloads and uninstalling each day. Well the list of these online game is quite long than you could ever imagine.

Here is the list which once you could check and find your comfort and interest in the best games to play with friends online.


Have you heard about it? Gayle has told people about this one and introduced game as ‘fun things’. The game is for those who like to have fun rather than pressure of winning the game. Game might be little but tricky or complex but the journey of the game is quite enjoyable which just wins heart?

House party

House party is completely lit where it is not your offline house party but an online party. But this party is little bit different because here you are going to enjoy the party in a different way. It can be downloaded by both iOS, android that too for free. You can invite your friends for chatting in House party and proceed further to play with tiny dice icon. Well, this is how the game plays and that is how it is interesting even.

Ball pool

It is one of already famous game and is in the list of so many people where people find it quiet enjoying. Playing this game would take nothing except your net and this is also known as virtual version of billiards. And this would be totally fine recreating a pool to play with your dear ones and enjoy this quarantine time.

Pokémon go

Well, this game stands a little different where it is both kind of online and offline game. Okay, just relax and understand about this different one, you have to walk around your sweet home or to your yard or to your neighbour. The mission here will be given to collect hidden Pokémon which can be just anywhere to your garage, to your wardrobe. Now what makes this game different this game will be connected to your mobile of your GPS and clock and permits you to get connected with your friends? That is how you do it along with your friends and if you want you can even go and create your own friend list. Well, it is the best games to play with friends online.

Stardew valley

This one is one of game which once you play you starts enjoying it. It is easy-pissy sort of game where players have to start their journey on the game as a young farmer, do things of seeding and taking care of your first ever crop on the farm. But as soon as they move ahead in the game they find the whole town filled and crowded. Here in the game there are so much of things which can be enjoyed such as exploring more of dungeon, mysteries to unrevealed and many more.

Rocket league

If this game has to be described in just one word, then it is ‘car soccer’, and now the whole criteria will be little bit understanding. Well, this game is giving opportunity of scoring enough of goals and earning cool cosmetic looks for your car (that too of your choice). Here in this game you control over oversized soccer. The game is absolutely free but it is an online game so you can play if you have good internet.


Now ludoo has also turned into an online game where you find variety of so many ludoo games. From ludo king to ludo money where you can invest your money and win by playing this game. Those were time when we used to pay this game a lot now it is the time when we can even play this online.


What to say about this game it has so many things which you cannot when imagine. Pubg is number one in the list of game lovers and they love this game a lot and can play this one. And this game can be played on devices such as Xbox, one, PC, iOS, PS4, Android and the journey of paying pubg is its own enjoyment. Androids users can even download its light version so that it takes fewer places in their phones. Well it absolutely free and quiet enjoyable. At the end of the day, it is said to be the best games to play with friends online.

Red dead online

Are you hearing about this game for the first time? This game has its own enjoyment whose developer is rock star games and it is compatible with PS4, PC, One, Xbox and stadia.  Graphic of this game is just too awesome but cannot compare it with pubg, keep it aside and do not compare it with that. As it has its own preferences and fun.


Well, games are just about fun but sometimes some games even develops your strength of taking competition in light mood and learning to win or lose the game at the same time. So yeah, it has its great lessons and it depends person to person. So playing games have its own perk where you can totally enjoy your quarantine and enjoy along with your friends. Pick either of them and enjoy your time and also share this article best games to play with friends online along with your dear ones.

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