BHKik APK installation for Android and its alternatives

Most of us utilize the dual WhatsApp App on Android mobile phone. It is most common now and also would like to try using the dual Kik app on their Android. This can be accomplished by install the BHKik App on your Android mobile phone. This is one among the best app to install on your device. With regards to every aspect, you can use the Messenger, which is the mirror of official Kik App (use the bh kik download from the reliable source).

No wonders that the App is much similar and offers the same set of features of Kik messenger. It has a similar Android version, user interface, and as well as the messaging platform. The BHKik App is much easier to use and so simple to understand if you had already installed the official Kik app on your mobile phone.

After the BHKik messenger installation, it is essential to install the additional Kik messenger add-on on your device. In this way, without doing any rooting process you can start utilizing your second Kik account without any issues on your Android mobile phone. This is one of the best functionality to utilize the BHKik APK App on your device. But most of the similar Android apps will require you to root the device for app installation.

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BHKik App Requirements

You can find below some most important requirements which are essential before proceeding with the messenger app installation on your Android mobile phone. It is important to uninstall the older version before installing the next version. If not then it may conflict with the installation and the user has to face the multiple issues. You can follow the basic few requirements to install the official Kik messenger to work on your device.

It is best to install the vital official Kik messenger before installing the BH Kik App. Yes, because it contains the official messenger’s data and files to install the second versions. The App can be installed only on the Android version 4.0+ and above to install without any issues. By default, BHKik includes both the older and the newer versions. Yes, but only anyone of its version has to be installed on your Android mobile phone.

In case, if you had installed both versions (older and the newer) on your device then either Apps might not function properly or any one of it may uninstall from the mobile phone. This is similar to the Kik bh messenger. It includes numerous features and benefits that may surely work better on your Android device.

BHKik Features or Highlights

You can find below the list of features of Highlights of App:

  • This app works much better within the separated Davlik and also works simultaneously.
  • With similar to the official Kik messenger, it also includes numerous features and benefits.
  • Without registration or sign-up process, you can utilize the app directly.
  • This app can be used without any rooting process.

Download and Install BHKik APK App on your Android mobile phone

It is most important to enable the Unknown Source feature on your Android mobile phone before installing the Kik Bh APK app. This feature will allow the device to enable App permission directly from your Android mobile phone Settings. This in-turn allows downloading the numerous games and apps from the third-party websites and installing the same on your Android Smartphone.

Stage 1

  • Access the Settings option on your Android mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the Security Settings option.
  • Scroll down the page and turn on the option named Unknown Source.
  • You will receive a pop-up message requesting for your permission and press the Yes button to grant permission.

Stage 2

Follow the below instructions to bhkik download and install this APK App on your Android device:

  • Download the BHKik APK file (referred to as the 2nd kik file or second kik file) from anyone of the trustworthy websites.
  • You can find numerous websites across the online platform to download the APK file.
  • After downloading the file, you can access the kik bh download APK file from the notification or from the File Manager or Downloads folder.
  • Press the App symbol and click on the Install icon to proceed with the installation process.

After successful installation, you can access the BHKik App successfully on your Android mobile phone without any issues. It is important that the users can utilize numerous Kik accounts (double kik accounts simultaneously) at the same time by using this solitary gadget. However, you can set various Kik accounts with the record for access and choose the popular app to gain access. The BHKik app is now available within the Android gadget and can utilize by each user without any hassle.

BHKik App – Best Alternatives

There are numerous alternative apps for App available across the online market and you can find below some of the listed apps for your reference:


Ghostkik is one of the coolest and best alternative BH Kik apps that are listed under the second kik app of Modded Kiks. This is one of the best Modded Kik apps which utilize little mobile data with the help of light and streamlined app. The creator of the Modded Kik app will include some numerous coding within the app to allow the utilization of little mobile data and also still leaving the Ghostkik app to comfortably usable and workable.

This legit Ghostkik will offer numerous functionalities and benefits to use. But it is always advisable for anyone to try this app at least once. You can also find some of the hacked MOD version available across the online platform which contains malware. In case, if you prefer to install the MOD versions then please choose the reliable or trustworthy website to download the Ghostkik App.


Pikki2 (the 2nd Kik app for Pikki) is one among the best App and the next level of Pikik App that able to handle the lag and data transfer along with other fake camera features. It also has the major ability to disable the message named “is typing” by the third-party members and also block the read receipts during the chat session.

To offer extra security, it is also possible to disable the messages forwarding feature. And, also allow the user to include the web URLs or links within their chat session. This app also includes the option to tweak the message settings (a most useful feature) which allows sending instant messages to your friends even though if you are in busy mode.


Nullkik is one among the most popular and best cosmetic MOD app. It allows the user to tweak on how to look and feel the Kik App. During the testing phase, this app has undergone numerous changes with regards to its core application such as font colors and changes, user-friendly interface, and as well as multiple backgrounds to choose. It is also advisable to download the Nullkik App from anyone of the trustworthy websites. It does not contain any nefarious code or malware.

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