Crusoe had it easy walkthrough with different endings

Recently, most of the people are very much excited about playing one of the best web-based virtual games. When it comes to this game, then you can witness that the game has various endings which makes the people to play further. One should keep it in mind that the game is mainly come up with 13 different gaming genres in general. Well, it is also considered to be one of the best gaming genres where millions of them are interested in playing this game Crusoe had it easy walkthrough at any time.

Crusoe had it easy walkthrough with different endings

When you have a look at this game, then it includes various things to explore it. It is the main reason where most of them are excited to play this game. For information, the genres include Author commentary, Pregnancy Ending, Modern day earth, Cousin Romance, Cheat codes and more. Usually, when it comes to playing a game, most of them want to play a game without any narrow or predictable endings. For those people, this Crusoe had it easy walkthrough could be the treat for sure.

Different endings

If you have a look at this game, then it comes up with different endings. Even we mentioned earlier, this could be the most interesting thing where people are looking forward to experience it. Here, we are going to share some of the essential endings which are always grabbing the attention of people.


In order to get this ending, then it is necessary to have a discussion about offer the cooking for Sophie. Once you completed the dinner, and then proceed further to walk together. During this time, she will be asked like “What she missed the most”. Once prompted, you need to select “You miss food the most”. Now, you to tell sophie that when the tops of her get undone. After this, you can move towards the forest. So, this is how the ending will be there.


If you are looking for this ending to experience, all you need to offer is cooking for sophie and make sure that you do not go for a walk. After that, it is necessary to tell sophie that her bikini has come undone. Also, you need to leave the snakebite as it is.

Even go for fishing. After that, all you need to do is leftover the roots. Finally, when the girl is asleep, the thing you should do is not to sleep and choose “Caress her gently” and cross it.

 A true Gentleman:

This is the most straightforward ending of Crusoe had it easy walkthrough. If you want this ending, you shouldn’t be very much nice to her. The thing you need to do is hit the bed. Once prompted with Go to bed or caress her gently, then select Go to bed.

Availability of various cheats

When it comes to this Crusoe had it easy walkthrough, then the game is mainly comes up with various cheats. All you need to do is type the respective cheats over the main menu of this game. Here we are going to offer some of the cheats to follow.

  • “Papabear” – Instead of her play as sophie’s dad.
  • “KittyKitty” – With fluffy tail, you can turn Sophie into a catgirl.
  • “Oldschoolcheat” – You can unlock CG illustrations.
  • “notsoclose” – Play close friend of Sophie, instead of cousin.
  • “destined” – Play brother as Sophie instead of cousin.
  • “shavednotstirred” – Refusal pubi hair on sophie.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, the above discussion about the Crusoe had it easy walkthrough in-depth will be helpful for the people who all are looking for this game to play. Even the cheats you are searching can check above.

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