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Dare TV online

Dare TV or Darewatch TV is one of the best and most popular leading website to watch the latest and high-quality TV series and movies. Under one roof, you can entertain and fulfill all of your requirements. This platform provides digital collections of TV serials and movies. This site can access at free of cost to watch your favorite movies.

If you are connected to a stable and good internet connection then you can enjoy watching your interesting movies on time. Darewatch TV has a unique feature to keep the recording of your entire movies. In case, if you missed or do not have enough time to watch any particular episodes or movies. Do not worry; you can utilize your future time to watch the missed portion. On the other side, you can also stream with the support of TVBuddy.

Dare TV is the best platform which can be used to watch movies at free of cost and as well as legally. This media will showcase the movies by utilizing the third-party websites and this platform just acts like a mediator between the viewers and the media owners. Without infringing the media owner’s copyright rights, Darewatch app provides access to free movies.

And yes if you are looking for the dare tv alternative than you can try the thoptv app which is another free app for watching live channels. You can download tv apk and use it on your android phone for free.

Darewatch TV online

Darewatch Kodi Add-on

Darewatch Kodi Add-on is one among the latest add-on that can be installed from the Darewatch Repo on your Kodi application to watch the TV shows and Movies in both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) quality. This Kodi add-on fetches its video contents from the Darewatch official website.

Since this add-on is downloaded from the trustworthy repository, you can ensure that it will be a reliable and good one. You can also receive regular updates from this reliable repository to update the same on your Kodi application.

How to resolve Darewatch TV Kodi Add-on not working issue

Darewatch Kodi add-on may not work properly on your Kodi TV box due to some conditions. It could be anything for anyone to receive some error notifications while installing the Kodi add-on. But, it can be easily resolved through multiple methods. First, you need to ensure the Darewatch Kodi add-on installation is properly completed. It is essential that your Darewatch Kodi add-on must receive the automatic updates from its respective Darewatch add-on repo source. Hence, they can stay up-to-date with their entire access. In case, if you are facing an issue again and again, then go ahead with Best IPTV UK.

Also, confirm that your Darewatch add-on is not blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from streaming content through the internet. To overcome this issue, you can utilize the VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. They can create a private connection and allows you to access the Darewatch website without any issues. In case if you require any assistance, then refer to the Darewatch official website for installation guide. Dandy Media Team will offer the new Kodi add-on for streaming the TV shows or Movies from the Darewatch website.

Dandy Media Repo (Repository) is another part of the Darewatch add-on. Users can even browse & locate their favorite content through category or media by following the repo add-on guide. You can utilize the VPN connections to work perfectly with the Darewatch Kodi add-on installations. There are numerous VPN providers available across the online marketplace. It is wise to choose the best service providers for accessing the Darewatch TV website without any issues.

Install Darewatch Add-on on Kodi Krypton version (v17.1)

You can follow the below-provided instructions to install the Darewatch Add-on on your Kodi Krypton version application:

  • Access your Kodi application and choose the Add-ons option from the home screen.
  • Press the Settings icon and navigate to the Add-ons option (which is available on top left-hand side corner).
  • Now, enable the checkbox named Unknown Sources feature.
  • After enabling this feature, you will receive a pop-up message requesting for your confirmation and press the Yes button.
  • Then return to your home screen (by tapping the back arrow or return button on your remote control or keyboard).
  • Again choose the Settings menu from the home screen.
  • Choose the Add Source option from the File Manager settings sub-category.
  • Click on the option named None and you will receive a pop-up message with a text box.
  • Under the text box, you need to enter Darewatch Repo web URL and press the Done button.
  • You can receive the Darewatch Repo web URL from anyone of the trustworthy websites.
  • Beneath, you need to click on the next text box which prompts to enter the name for your media source. Enter the media source name as Darewatch APP and press the Ok button.
  • Now, again press the back arrow key to return to the home screen.

Press Add-ons

  • Then press the Add-ons option from the home screen.
  • Choose the option named Add-on Browser that is available on the top-left hand side corner.
  • Now, you need to select the installation methods to proceed with installation mode by using the Zip file and choose the appropriate media source name.
  • From the available list, choose the accurate repository zip file.
  • Press the Installation from its associated repository button.
  • Choose the appropriate repository file and select the Video Add-ons menu.
  • Now, press the option named Darewatch from the available list.
  • Just tap the Install button to proceed with the installation process.
  • Wait for a few seconds to enable the Add-on notification.

Now, Darewatch Kodi add-on is successfully installed on your Kodi application. Navigate to your home screen and choose Darewatch Add-ons to watch the online movies and TV shows without any registration or at free of cost.

Install Darewatch Kodi Add-on on Kodi Jarvis (v16.1) Version

Follow the below procedure to install the Darewatch Kodi add-on on your Kodi Jarvis (v16.1) version applications:

Stage 1

  • Launch the Kodi application Jarvis (v16.1) version.
  • Access the Main menu that is located near the top left-hand side screen corner.
  • Navigate to the File Manager subcategory under the System section.
  • Access the Add Source option under the File Manager options.
  • Choose the None option and input the Kodi add-on URL manually and hit the Done icon.
  • Since, it is added manually, a file source named to be inputted manually.
  • Enter as Darewatch and hit the Ok icon.
  • Now, the file source will be automatically created successfully.

Stage 2

  • Return to the Kodi application’s main screen and access the System section that is located near the top left-hand side screen corner.
  • Access the Add-ons section and choose the appropriate installation process using the zip file.
  • Input your preferred Add-on name and choose the already created file source (i.e. Darewatch) and tap the file source.
  • Now, choose the appropriate zip file from the Dandy Media Repo (repository) for installation.
  • Within the pop-up message, choose the correct Dandy Media Repo file (repository).
  • Then, navigate to Video Add-ons and choose the file source (Darewatch) and hit the Install icon.
  • Once it is done, you can access the Add-ons under the Videos menu and choose the Darewatch to display on your home screen.
  • After installation, you can start to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Best Darewatch TV Alternatives 2020

You can find below the list of best Darewatch TV alternatives 2020 that are available across the online platform:

Project Free TV

Most of the TV show fanatic will prefer to choose a good website to browse their favorites. We would like to inform that Project Free TV is one among the best and most popular website that is dedicated to offering TV shows in best and high-quality videos. Project Free TV is another best Darewatch alternative website that is available across the online platform. The bad news is that this website does not contain any movies to watch.

It is possible to download or stream any of your favorite shows with the help of this website. The most important point is that this platform does not host any of its video contents on its own. This website just acts as a mediator between the third-party media sources to make use of the streaming platform. It just redirects the request from the users to the appropriate websites to stream the TV shows.

This website has a user-friendly interface, attractive and colorful, but does not contain any categories. It is very hard for users to browse or search their favorite contents. Even though it is a free website, it is mandatory to create a free account to log in for accessing the TV shows. With the simplest and easiest interface, you can get all of your preferred TV shows for free.


VidStum is the best Darewatch alternative website that offers great options to their users to enjoy watching uninterrupted movies or TV shows without latency or buffering.  The catalog includes a wide range of movies collections along with each episode of TV serials. It also contains a huge database of trending and latest movies under the Vidsturm website.

You can enjoy watching all the movies and TV shows with multiple video qualities like 720p and 1080p high-quality resolutions. This website’s appearance is similar to other websites, which is the only disadvantage. That could not be a problem while you are started watching the movies and TV shows with endless hours.


Movies4U is one of the best movie streaming website which offers the user to watch HD TV shows and movies. They can also search and enjoy watching their favorite movies from this online platform. You can easily stream any TV shows or movies directly by pressing the Play button and does not require downloading the movies for numerous hours.

The website contains each and everything that is necessary for all age groups and has a wide range of movie collections. Movie4U website includes all the updated and latest episodes of each TV serial. This website has a user-friendly interface and helps the user to browse and locate their favorite movies or TV shows by utilizing the search box feature.


In order to download the movies or streaming your favorite video contents, apart from Darewatch TV, you can even go ahead with Showbox that whenever required. Yes, it will always be come up with various categories where you can find huge collection of different genre movies. Whenever you would like to download or streaming the movies in HD quality, then without going for a second thought, go ahead with Showbox. Well, this platform often comes up with fresh contents in order to engage the people and bring back them again and again to this platform at any time.

This is the main thing where people are used to visit this site and search for the movies to download. Even the user-interface is simpler than you expected for sure. So, apart from Darewatch TV, people who would like to download the movies, then showbox will always be playing a vital role for sure.

Kohi movies

When you have a look at Kohi movies, you may feel it is also considered to be one of the best alternatives of darewatch at any time. Once entered this site, then you may witness the good collection of movies and TV shows with regular updates. Well, this is what most of them are also looking for it. Apart from moves and TV shows, you can also check out the other video contents where anybody can make use of it.

If you would like to find the Hollywood movies which are recently released, then it is also always possible to find from here. Even the accessing becomes simpler than expected for sure. So, whenever people who want to search for the movies and other video contents, people can go ahead with this.


Hulu is another best alternative for Darewatch website to offer a video-on-demand platform with the latest collections of video content. The user-interface is highly navigable and makes everyone to access like a breeze. Japan or U.S. residents are allowed to stream the latest movies and TV shows using this platform. It is essential to register for a free account to access the available video content on this website.

Before streaming your favorite video content, you can select your desired plan or subscription to use. Most of them prefer to use this platform however; Hulu is another geo-restricted website. If you are residing outside of the Japan or U.S. then you need to utilize the VPN service for access. Besides, this platform will offer the greatest varieties and qualities.


Most of the popular TV shows & Movies streaming sites will never mention without the Netflix service. Everyone will prefer this platform since; it is rich in various latest serials, TV shows, and movies. They offer an intuitive and beautiful user interface along with a search tab for easy accessing the contents. It is important to create a new account along with a proper subscription plan for accessing this platform.

Users can get affordable pricing on its monthly subscriptions. Netflix will be another best alternative for Darewatch TV and also provides the best streaming subscriptions. You can give a try to feel the unbeatable quality and endless variety.

Dead (I Want Watch Movies Free)

I want watch movies free is another best website to watch the entire TV shows. This platform will showcase the past or recent episodes of each TV series available to access. Similar to Darewatch TV, they won’t offer any TV shows to host. Instead, viewers are directed to numerous streaming sites to download or stream their preferred video content. Altogether, it offers an attractive and very simple user interface for navigation.

I want watch movies free website is much featured and also accessible with distinct content categories. This website will not prompt the users to sign-up or register for an account. However, if you prefer to watch favorite TV shows with periodic updates then you need to create a new account. This platform will offer the best collections and a great variety of favorite TV serials and TV shows. I want watch movies free website is another best place to try.


No need to mention, we all know that YouTube is one of the most leading websites across the online platform. It offers the best streaming video quality and also sharing TV episodes. The video contents are distinctly categorized and also rich in numerous varieties. A wide range of collections or databases is available for access on this platform. Due to the combination of multiple factors, this website is more popular across the globe.

Users can easily browse and locate the video content using the navigable & authentic user interface. This website offers the best interface to work perfectly on both bigger screens and also on mobile devices. If you prefer to watch video content using the best streaming site then the YouTube site is the best place. This is also another best alternative site for Darewatch website.

Series Craving

Series Craving is another best streaming site that includes a wide range of TV shows and movies. The distinct categories will impress the users with its inviting user interface. Contents are also classified and added to different categories. The main menu will allow you to choose your preferred category to access on this platform. Some of them Web originals, TV shows, Documentaries, Movies, Film News, TV News, and many more.

The simple design of the Series Craving website will offer the super inviting and colorful interface for access. This free platform will prompt you to create a new account. After account creation, users are allowed to stream or download their favorite TV shows or movies in UHD video quality.


CmoviesHD is another awesome streaming website that includes numerous collections of movies and TV show episodes. This website’s home page is colorful and also well arranged. Make use of the search tab & filter options to find your favorite TV shows and movies. Similar to Darewatch website, the CmoviesHD site will prompt the users to create a new account for access. The site offers access to a rich category of various latest TV shows and movies. This platform will support high-quality videos such as 4K UHD, 1080p, 720p, and many more. Moreover, the contents are also available for users in different languages. Users can access the website with more comfortable and navigate to watch their favorite video content.

Series Online

Series Online website will offer a wide range of latest hits collections listed under distinct categories. This platform is used to enjoy watching numerous TV show episodes and as well as movies. The most common genres are available here such as comedy, crime, action, and many more. The large database of TV shows & movies can be downloaded or even streamed online. This is another best Darewatch alternative and regularly updated.

Users can easily browse & locate their favorite movies or TV shows on this platform. It has a user-friendly and attractive interface for navigation and access like a breeze. Numerous content filter tools and a search tab are available on the home page. This free platform will prompt you to sign up or register for an account. Access your account to download or stream your favorite TV shows or movies.

Movie Watcher

With its name, this online platform will include the latest collection of TV show serials and movies. The content categorization and user interface of the Movie Watcher website are similar to the Darewatch site. With a few advertisements, you can enjoy watching or streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. Similar to other streaming platforms, you need to register or sign up for an account. Make use of your account to access the video content listed under the different categories. This is another best place to watch your favorite movies. For easy identification, the entire movie’s collections are properly categorized under distinct groups. Numerous content filter tools and a search tab are available on the home page for the user’s assistance with easy access.


Vmovee is also a good platform for watching or streaming the best TV serials and movies. This platform will offer the best quality and large variety to its users. They provide an easily navigable and very attractive user interface. Some of the top-most streaming websites extensions like Thevideo.me, Streamin.to, and Vodlocker are also included. Along with other supportive additions will showcase this platform, the best alternative for the Darewatch website.

Most of the users will experience latency during the weekends to stream their favorite video content. The management & developers are aware and creating some deals to overcome the weekend buffering issues. The collections under the Vmovee website are properly categorized under different genres for easy access and identification. Make use of the search tab to browse & locate your favorite TV show episodes or movies within this platform.

Sony Crackle

If you love to stream your favorite TV shows or movies online then Sony Crackle is another best place. Movie lovers can utilize this platform as a hub. It offers easy access and an inviting user interface to browse the entire contents. Make use of the available content filtering tools to simplify the search options. On the home page, the Video contents are listed under different genres to view the latest TV shows & movies. If you prefer to watch drama, comedy, or action movies, then the Sony Crackle site will also provide access to it.

They include a huge database to access your favorite movies without any hassle. It is essential to create or sign up for an account to enjoy accessing the rich variety. Users can experience the endless world quality experience by exploring each category. Similar to other streaming websites, you may experience some annoying advertisements while watching the video content. Sony Crackle site will offer the incomparable quality and unbeatable quality movie streams to its users.


The 123Movies website had experienced various ups & downs during the past years. Now, this is another good platform for streaming the latest TV show episodes and movies. Previous users of this site attest that it could be closing down very soon. However, the regulators made peace and make this platform to come again with numerous varieties. When compared to other top-most movie streaming websites, the 123Movies site will offer an attractive and very intuitive user interface. The video contents are perfectly categorized under each category based on its genres.

This platform includes API and scrapers to make an entertaining and exciting watching experience. They will also offer numerous movie qualities or resolutions to watch your favorite video content. It is not required to register or sign-up for an account, which is free to access. Browse through the categories to watch your favorite TV shows or movies. However, you may experience some annoying advertisements while watching your preferred video content.


Putlocker is another popular and also the best alternative site to the Darewatch website. This site will feature a huge database of collections and also an attractive user interface for access. You can find the latest collection of TV shows & movies available in HD (High Definition) quality. It is exciting to stream the entire video content for free without any payment process. However, it can be used only for streaming purposes and not for downloading the content. You can find some high-quality movies or TV shows available on this website.

Only a few videos may have poor audio quality. Putlocker site will offer free access to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies. Users will appreciate the easily navigable, colorful, and very attractive interface for access. However, you may experience some annoying advertisements while watching your preferred video content. This could be a good platform to watch the latest TV show episodes and movies for free.

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