Discord Vs Skype: Which One Should You Prefer?

discord vs skype

Skype and Discord are both platforms which allow the users to chat and make video calls. While Skype is well known among all the people for a long time, Discord is relatively new. However, it is increasing in popularity. Many people get confused on which one to go with. While both these share a lot of similar features, there some significant differences too. These differences play a key role in deciding which platform to use. We are now going to share some of the differences between Skype and Discord. Take a look at them, before deciding which one is better in discord vs skype.

discord vs skype better?

Know about Skype and Discord!

Skype was created to make voice calls and video calls. Discord’s main intention was to serve for the gamers out there. But now it has expanded itself to provide for people other than gamers. It also allows its users to make voice calls and video calls. You can even chat through both these platforms and share pictures and videos. These similarities in features have resulted in discord vs skype battle. A small difference can alter a user’s decision in choosing between Skype and Discord. This is because the requirements vary from user to user. So, read the differences carefully to pick up a platform which will suit your need.

Are You In It for Fun or for Business?

Also, when it comes to discord vs skype, choose Skype if you are a business person. Skype is claimed to be more advantageous when making business calls and other things of that sort. However, it is not so good if you are looking for drop in calls. But in the case of drop in calls, go with discord since you will have a better experience with it. Remember to keep in mind that you should choose based on your needs.

How do Skype and Discord Differ?

Group call:

When you are making group calls with Discord, you can include up to 10 members. But with Skype this number goes up to 25. It can support up to 25 persons through group call. This is advantageous if you are a business person and have to hold large meetings.

Utilization of bandwidth:

Discord uses 64 kbps bandwidth while Skype uses 100 kbps in case of voice calls. This makes Discord the clear winner among discord vs skype.

Size of files transferred:

When you are using Skype, you can send files that are up to 300 MB. However, this is much less in Discord with users being able to share only 8MB sized files. This is for free users where as for nitro version it is 50 MB. However both Skype and Discord permit sharing the files of all type.

Utilization of CPU resources:

Skype actually uses more resources of CPU than Discord when making voice calls. The consumption is much less in Discord. Discord is again having an edge over Skype in this concern.

Presence of call recorder:

Call recorder is present in Skype when you are making calls from one Skype to another. When you start recording, persons who are in the call will know that it is being recorded. They will receive notification about it. But call recording is not possible in Discord. Thus Skype should be your choice if call recording is necessary for you.

Facility of Screen Sharing:

Screen sharing facility of Skype and Discord differs. In Discord you can share the screen in a more secure way than in Skype but only with video calls. You can even choose a particular part of your screen to share with others. But in Skype you cannot do this. You can share the entire screen during both voice and video calls.

Facility to call in private:

Both Discord and Skype allows the users to make private calls which can either be audio or video. However, one cannot call a landline or mobile from Discord app. But it is claimed to be a safer option while making private calls.

Facility to Find Friends:

Skype only shows your Facebook friends while you are using it. Discord allows you to search for friends in various platforms like Facebook, Steam and Skype.

As we have already stated, the choice lies with you. You should now be clear about the differences between Skype and Discord. We hope the post has eliminated any and all your doubts when you are thinking about discord vs skype. Go with what suits you better and have great fun!

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