Einthusan – Essential things to know for watching movies

Einthusan for movies

Einthusan is one among the best and most popular global leading website which allows the user to enjoy watching and streaming the online movies. They can watch entire full-length online movies such as clips, songs, movies, and as well as images in multiple languages like Chinese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and many more.

The best value-added advantage of using Einthusan is that they can watch the movies or TV shows at free of cost and also without using the premium account or processing through your credit card payment. Without signing up for a Prime account, you can watch all the online streaming movies for free. Einthusan TV is a different name that is easily find on our search engine.

Einthusan for movies

Features of Einthusan

Einthusan website is created a few years ago and with its excellent features and services, most of the users are accessing this website on a regular basis to watch and stream online movies. Einthusan website becomes more popular particularly in the Northern parts of our world because of its advanced streaming servers and high-quality services.

You can find below the list of best features offered by Einthusan App:

Digital Media Support

Einthusan website allows the users to watch online movies on the go. You can download the App on your Android or iOS mobile phones to directly stream the online movies. Einthusan App is now available for both Android and iOS mobile phone users.

No Ads with Premium Services

If you prefer to skip the advertisements while watching or streaming the online movies then it is always advisable to subscribe for the premium or prime account. It offers the user with providing the Lifetime premium or prime account at just $25 to watch and enjoy the ultimate movie experience.

It is a one-time payment process and can be completely refunded guarantee (100% cashback) in case if you are not satisfied with the service. Similar to a win-win environment especially for the users. The Premium or the Prime account includes the following services:

  • It contains Wide Angle Ratio screen at the rate of 16:9.
  • Offline Movie Support.
  • It is possible to download your favorite movies.
  • Extended Movie collection with a huge category.
  • Enhanced Video Streaming experience.
  • Watch all the movies or video contents in UltraHD (High Definition) at 1080p high resolution.
  • Your comments can highlight
  • Offers Email Support to their users at 24/7 hours.

Legal Entertainment

Einthusan website includes their movies or video contents with 9 different languages along with more than 5000 legally license from India and planned to expand other countries in the nearby future. The visitors who are accessing our Einthusan TV website should experience fun and full entertainment with their loved ones. Hence, they can just press the Play button to enjoy watching their favorite movies.

South Asian Biggest Hub

The visitors can enjoy the watching the biggest and leading premium online streaming video contents offered by Einthusan App with superior high-quality videos. Their services are extended to provide world-class user experience.

Under one-roof, you can find all of your favorite audio albums, movie clips, and songs. You can explore the popular online and social media entertainment hub from the huge collection of our South Asian content.

Advanced Server Control

You can watch all of your favorite movies through online streaming from the best servers offered by Einthusan website. The users or visitors are allowed to provide feedback and also rating for their favorite movies which can be helpful for other viewers.

Multilingual Languages Support

The website contains a wide range of movies collection in various languages. The Movie clips, Music videos, and Music albums are provided in High Definition (HD) quality. The supported languages are as follows: Chinese, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam.

Einthusan – Download Movies

The users or visitors are allowed to download their favorite movies from the Einthusan TV website to enjoy watching them later.

  • Purchase the Premium or Prime account.
  • Make use of third-party websites to download the favorite movies.

The first method allows the user to subscribe for a premium or prime account with a lifetime membership to download their favorite movies just at $25. In case if they are not satisfied with the service, the amount will be refunded to the users.

The second method will use third-party websites to download the movies from the Einthusan website. You can follow the below-provided instructions to download the movies using third-party websites:

  • Open up a web browser either it could be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox and access the Einthusan TV website. Use the search box to locate your favorite movies that you would prefer to download.
  • For example, if you prefer to download a movie named “Jayam”. Since it is a Tamil movie; you can select the Tamil Movie Category to search the movie.
  • Then press the Movies icon to start searching you preferred Tamil movie.
  • After locating your favorite movie, click on the Download icon to start downloading the movie.
  • It will search for the fastest server to locate and load the resources. Now, your movies will be automatically streamed through online platform.
  • You can download your favorite movie by copying its web browser URL link.
  • Under the Movie URL Link, paste the web link and press the Download icon to download the movie to your computer.
  • The download process may vary depending upon your internet connection speed.

Once the downloading process of movie is over to your local system then you can enjoy watching it later.

Einthusan APK – Android & iOS

Initially, Einthusan APK for both Android and iOS were available on Google Play Store. But for some reasons, the APK file was removed by Einthusan developers. However, the Einthusan App provides similar features like its website. It is possible to watch the movies in High definition (HD) format and download the same to share with your family members or friends. But currently, the  App is not available under the iOS and Android App Stores. The users will receive an update from the  developers once the App is back to live.

Einthusan Mirror App

In case if you had tried to search the App under the Google Play Store, you will be able to view an App with a similar name. But, as per the update from the  Developers team, the original APK file is currently set to Offline mode.

If you wish to watch movies through the App then the only possible way is to watch by accessing their official website. The app that is available under the play store is a fake one which was created by an unknown developer.

Einthusan Kodi Add-on

Einthusan is one of the most popular and the best Indian film add-on available within the Kodi application. Users can prefer to watch the best Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films much easier. Based on the making year and your preferred language, you can choose your favorite movie within the Kodi application. The application will include the most extensive collections of the most popular and the latest Asian films.

Download & Installation Process – Einthusan Kodi Add-on

For activating and utilizing the Einthusan add-on, it is required to create a new media source. You can follow the below process to install the Einthusan Kodi add-on on various Kodi application versions:

Installation Process of Einthusan Kodi Add-on on Kodi Application Krypton or Leia version

Follow the below instructions to install the Einthusan Kodi add-on on your Kodi application version Leia (V18) or Krypton (V17):

Stage 1

  • Access the Kodi application.
  • Choose the Main panel from the top right-side screen corner.
  • Tap the Settings menu.
  • A pop-up message will appear to select the File Manager option.
  • Scroll down the options and select Add Source.
  • Again, you can see a pop-up message requesting to add the appropriate file source.
  • Choose the None option.
  • Input the Einthusan Kodi add-on URL and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, provide your preferred file source name as Einthusan and press the Ok icon.
  • Once it is done, the file source will be added.

Stage 2

  • Return to the Kodi application home screen and access the Add-ons section that is located near the top left-side screen corner.
  • Now, choose the option to install the Kodi add-on using the zip file.
  • A pop-up notification will appear requesting to choose the appropriate Einthusan Repo (Repository) installation.
  • Choose the Video add-ons and from the available options select Einthusan (already created source file).
  • Hit the install icon.
  • Once it is done, you will receive a pop-up message stating the Kodi add-on is installed successfully.
  • Navigate to the Main screen and access Einthusan Kodi add-on from the Add-ons section to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Installation Process of Einthusan Kodi Add-on on Kodi Application Jarvis (v16.1)

Follow the below instructions to install the Einthusan Kodi add-on on your Kodi application version Jarvis (V16.1):

Stage 1

  • Launch the Kodi application Jarvis (V16.1) version.
  • Access the Main menu that is located near the top left-hand side screen corner.
  • Navigate to the File Manager subcategory under the System section.
  • Access the Add Source option under the File Manager options.
  • Choose the None option and input the Kodi add-on URL manually and hit the Done icon.
  • Since, it is added manually, a file source named to be inputted manually.
  • Enter as Einthusan and hit the Ok icon.
  • Now, the file source will be automatically created successfully.

Stage 2

  • Return to the Kodi application’s main screen and access the System section that is located near the top left-hand side screen corner.
  • Access the Add-ons section and choose the appropriate installation process using the zip file.
  • Input your preferred Add-on name and choose the already created file source (i.e. Einthusan) and tap the file source.
  • Now, choose the appropriate zip file from the Einthusan Repo (repository) for installation.
  • Within the pop-up message, choose the correct Einthusan Repo file (repository).
  • Then, navigate to Video Add-ons and choose the file source (Einthusan) and hit the Install icon.
  • Once it is done, you can access the Add-ons under the Videos menu and choose the Einthusan to display on your home screen.
  • After installation, you can start to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Install Einthusan Kodi Add-on using Git Browser

Follow the below instructions to install the Einthusan Kodi add-on on your Kodi application using the Git browser:

  • Access the Kodi application and within the vertical menu, select the Add-ons option.
  • Choose the category named “Programs Add-ons”.
  • From the right-hand side screen, open up the Git browser tool.
  • Within the search option, browser for the GitHub Username option.
  • Press the New Search function.
  • Make use of the on-screen keyboard and input the GitHub username of add-on developers: humla.
  • Now, hit the Ok icon located near the keyboard’s right-hand side.
  • Choose the appropriate zip file from the Einthusan Repo (repository) for installation.
  • It will facilitate the appropriate automated add-on updates.
  • When prompted, hit the Install icon.
  • Within a few seconds, it will finish the entire installation process.
  • When prompted, hit the Continue icon.
  • Select the appropriate ZIP file for installing the correct Einthusan video plugin.
  • Proceed by tapping the Install icon.
  • The dependencies and add-on will install in a few seconds.

Once it is completed, you can complete the final installation process by tapping the Restart icon.

Install Einthusan Kodi Add-on using Fusion Installer

Follow the below instructions to install the Einthusan Kodi add-on on your Kodi application using the Fusion Installer:

  • Access the Kodi application and within the vertical menu, select the Add-ons option.
  • From the left-hand side screen corner, access a little box icon to choose the Add-on Interfaces.
  • Choose the category named “Install from Zip function”.
  • Select the appropriate Fusion Server from the drop-down list.
  • Access the Kodi-repos (Repository) folder.
  • Choose your preferred folder: For foreign languages choose the Internation folder or English folder.
  • Choose the appropriate zip file from the Einthusan Repo (repository) for installation.
  • It will facilitate the appropriate automated add-on updates.
  • When prompted, hit the Install icon.
  • Within a few seconds, it will finish the entire installation process.
  • When prompted, hit the Continue icon.
  • Select the appropriate repo file for installing the video plugin from the repository named “Humla Add-on Repository”.
  • Proceed by tapping the Install icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the add-on named “Einthusan”.
  • Install the latest version that is available within the listing.
  • When prompted, hit the Ok icon.
  • The dependencies and add-on will install in a few seconds.

Once it is completed, you can complete the final installation process by tapping the Restart icon.

Einthusan Alternative Websites


MovieWatcher.io is another best website for movie lovers to download or watch TV series or movies in HD (High Definition) quality. Without registration or sign up, you can access the contents on this website for free. You can utilize the entire features on this website without any hassle. The online portal will offer the working and real streaming location across the internet platform. This website will hold the entire databases of movies to watch or download.

Apart from that, you can index with video-sharing of third-party websites. The links of the lead stream can be grabbed within the centrailzed platform for accessing free HD quality contents. This website will not prompt the users to create an account for accessing the free service. MovieWatcher.io will provide numerous entertainment stuff to watch TV shows and movies. It is possible to sort or filter down your favorite stuff using the rating, genre, and many more.


The website name will reveal the true story of showing the Bollywood and Indian movies only. India4movie website is dedicated only to broadcast the Indian videos. You can access this website on each device to view high-quality and recently released movies. The movies are published even on its first-day show. Within the second-day show, you can view the released movies on this site. Users can download their favorite movies or premiere films directly from this website.

However, this website will not guarantee to offer the recently launched movies to be in HD (High Definition) quality. But after the film released date, you need to wait at least for a week to get a high-quality download. The management & developers will prefer to publish the prefect print, once it is available. Without any restriction, you can download or watch unlimited movies on this website.


SabWap is another best independent search engine available across the online platform for downloading or streaming online movies. This website is similar to Google site and allowed to browse & locate your favorite movies. The search results of your favorite film will display the entire locations of possible websites to access. Make use of the offered link to either download or watch the movie. YouTube is another biggest database involved in this sharing and movie streaming site.

It works on numerous external servers along with the API deployment from various other video hosting websites as well. For the reader’s information, this site will never depend on the search engine. It also utilizes other sharing & video streaming websites such as Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and many others. The links offered for any movie within this site will belongs the other website’s property.


GoodMaza is an all-in-one movie streaming site where you can watch and stream any movie, including Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and all the others. This movie site offers the film in two formats only that are MP4 and 3Gp, and for the same reason, it is offering with plus average movie qualities.

We will not recommend this website for watching HD movies at all. However, still, you can have your favorite films viewed and downloaded in the best quality. GoodMaza has a great selection of Indian, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies that you can watch and download for free. You don’t need to create an account at all as this website is always available in ready to use format. Overall, GoodMaza is one of the best sites over the entertainment for having movies in many genres and categories.


FullMovieOnlineWatch.com is another best and excellent source for entertaining free online movies. This website offers numerous films in various categories. You can choose any showbiz industry movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, or Indian movies to watch. The best option to watch new online and unlimited free movies over the internet. This site will allow users to access from any platform and web browsers as well. FullMovieOnlineWatch.com is the best place to download free movies in HD (High Definition) quality. You can play or want to access from any devices like media players, devices, tablets, smartphones, PC, etc. For the reader’s information, this website will publish the movies from various sharing and top-most video streaming websites. Apart from publishing movies, you can also get various movies from different other entertainment websites.


KasperMovies is an Indian and Hindi movie streaming website, which is perfect for both quantity and quality. The database can offer numerous millions of free videos to download or watch online. Users are also allowed to watch the movies in offline mode. Movies are available in different formats like 3GP, AVI, and MP4 to play easily on other media platforms & players. Apart from Hindi movies, the KasperMovies website also has a wide range of other films.

A few of them like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Hindi dubbed movies, and many more. The problem would be, it will never update the latest or recently released movies on the website. They deal only with the HD (High Definition) quality films or movies. Users need to wait for some time to watch the recently released or new movies. You can view the HD quality movies only after updating on its appropriate official website.


The entertainment door is opening more with the continuous evolution within the internet world for us. Some of the significant sources are downloading, watching, movies streaming sites, and entertainment. The most familiar website will be the Stagevu with its biggest entertainment sources. It deals with entire kinds of movies as well. The major focus will be Hollywood movies, dubbed English movies, and as well as Bollywood movies. Without any payment process, you can watch or download movies for free.

If you prefer to watch movies online then you need to install the DivX Player to stream the movies. This is the most important plug-in utilized for watching movies across the online platform. Most of the index stored movies on this website will showcase in low quality. However, this is another biggest website for watching free movies. Make use of the search option to browse & locate your favorite movies without any hassle.


HindiLinks4u.to is another most popular Indian movie streaming website available across the online marketplace. It offers South Asian movies, Hollywood movies, full-length Bollywood, and high-quality movies to download or watch for free. Most of the movie lovers will utilize this website due to its special design. Users are allowed to watch any video content such as sci-fi, war, love, action movies, and others. The best movies around the world are listed under massive collections to download or watch.

The new release titles are updated regularly for delivering an enjoyable and complete experience. Similar to other streaming sites or Popcorn Time site, they also provide numerous options to browse & locate your favorite movies. Make use of the powerful search option to find your favorite movies by browsing through the year or its categories. This movie streaming website will offer enjoyable and most exciting facts.

When compared to other sites, it offers the best-dubbed movies in multiple languages. The website offers various core features such as watching movies in various file formats and a simple user-friendly interface. A few others are suggesting the new release titles, recommendation, browse & watch unlimited movies, documentaries, and many more. You can also watch full-length dubbed movies without any hassle.


Bolly4u, another best movie downloading & streaming website will hold the weblinks for various sharing & leading film streaming sites. The movie search engine feature will allow the users to locate the movies using the movie or TV show name. They offer the most possible links to watch your favorite movies through online mode. Users can also choose the offline mode for downloading the movies.

The servers will never hold any files from this website. The non-affiliated and third-parties will provide the entire contents to post on the site. You can watch free movies on this website without any payment. Based on the classes and genres, users can identify the available movies. Apart from Bollywood & Indian movies, users are also allowed to download TV shows, dubbed films, as well.


WatchNewMovie is another modern level downloading, watching, sharing, and modern-level downloading website. You can download free movies and also get reviews or the latest news of any movies. This is a specially designed website for movie lovers to watch any latest movies in high-quality videos. It is not required to participate in any surveys or follow the registration process for watching the movies.

The site will allow the users to access each door of instant watching or streaming of their preferred movies. Make use of the search feature to browse and locate your desired movies. Many entertainment lovers will prefer to utilize this website for downloading or streaming video content. Moreover, the WatchNewMovie website will also include some adult movies. Hence, it is advisable to keep away the kids from accessing this website.


Alluc.ee is another online movie streaming and also the best alternative website for the Einthusan website. Users are allowed to enjoy accessing high-quality & full-length movies without any charges. You have access to numerous millions of TV shows, movies, and other stuff in HD (High Definition) quality. This website will index each available things over the internet. Due to this, the website has the biggest entertainment source across the online platform.

The independent search engine can be the best source for downloading & streaming web links. You can find numerous websites and hosters to browse & locate your favorite TV shows and movies. This website will never publish any video content from its own database and also won’t provide any links for download. They will only showcase the web links of sharing, downloading, and video streaming websites.


CooLMovieZ is also another best site and also an alternative to the Einthusan site to offer high-quality & full-length movies. This site includes various types of videos to download including the Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Moreover, you can find multiple movie genres listed under this website. A few of them are Animation, Sci-fi, Romance, Drama, Crime, Adventure, Action, and many others. When compared to other streaming sites, it contains various sections like new releases, trending movies, top 5 movies, & upcoming movies.

Make use of the search option to filter your favorite movies using the genre, tag, movie name, or other information. CooLMovieZ website will offer easy to use and quite simple interface for downloading movies without providing personal information or registration. Without any restriction or limitation, users can enjoy accessing the entire premium features on this website. Overall, the CooLMovieZ website is another best source for downloading high-quality & full-length movies.


MoviePublish is another popular site dedicated to showcasing Hindi movies and even other kinds of movies. You can also watch any Indian type films or even other languages movies like Telugu, Bollywood, and Punjabi. Apart from a movie downloading or streaming website, it also offers the best part of streaming dubbed movies. The MoviePublish website will fulfill the entire requirements of providing entertainment and also double fun for users this weekend.

In case if you are not able to browse and locate your favorite videos then never worry about it. Make use of the Request feature on this website for allowing the developers to publish the movies. Moreover, they will also share the movie download or streaming link to your registered email address through email. No one will be empty-handed while accessing this website since it includes numerous stuff to offer for free.


BestHDMovies is one of the most popular and the best alternative sites similar to the Einthusan website. This website will offer to download and streaming movies or videos for free. Visitors are allowed to download or directly watch free HD movies using their tablet devices, PC, or smartphones. Without any conversion, you can easily download the videos or movies from this website. Play the same on your Blu ray players or even on the DVD players without any hassle.

For free of cost, this is an ideal place for downloading Bollywood & Hollywood movies in HD quality. Except for kids, the BestHDMovies website is a great place for entire age people. Since it may also contain some adult contents and advisable kids not to access this site. This website showcases the best collections of movies across the online platform. BestHDMovies will also offer the dubbed format for Hollywood movies or Indian videos for free download.


DittoTV is one of the most popular and the best website across the online platform to offer TV shows. It also primarily deals with numerous Hollywood & Indian movies as well. The entertainment service provider of this official website will provide access to various live TV channels. Users can watch those live TV channels for free in both regional & Hindi language sections. There are also other free sections to explore like random videos, movies, and news.

DittoTV can provide a unique feature for allowing access to various live TV guides apart from their competitors. Visitors can easily understand that next to playing TV channels and also the currently playing TV channels. Seven days to provide each most popular TV shows to watch along with some fresh movies or films as well. Overall, the DittoTV website is another largest entertainment source across the online platform.


Filmlinks4u website is dedicated only to Bollywood, Indian, and Hindi movies. Moreover, you can find numerous Hollywood & English movies but they are available only in the Dubbed version. This website offers a wide range of database to offer free movies to watch. Filmlinks4u website is special to showcase the recently released movies on its database. If you prefer to watch recently released movies for free then Filmlinks4u is the ideal place to watch those movies. It is not possible to get the HD (High Definition) quality movie download on the same movie release date.

You need to wait at least one week to get the released movie in HQ quality. However, this website will never opt for storing the listed movies directly on its database. Numerous films are hosted using the links with the help of sharing and video hosting sites. While searching for your favorite movie, this website will list down the entire web links for access. You can choose the available links to watch the movie online or download the same for offline use.

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