How to fix DNS server not responding windows 10

DNS server not responding windows 10 fix

You must have heard about DNS. It is basically the domain name system that is a directory of records for the internet available. DNS server is always associated with a domain name with an IP address. The major reason is the domain names are much easier as compared to the number for the users to remember. Simple it can be stated that the user can easily remember the name as compared to the case, the DNS server is not accessible then you are not having any access to your favorite sites.

DNS server not responding windows 10 fix

Are you also one of those getting the error as DNS server not responding windows 10? If your answer is yes then the chances are that the default DNS server of the ISP makes a temporary down or there are some misconfigurations occurred in your settings. Apart from this, if you have moved towards a new server then also the error occurred. Well whatever the reason is, there are several solutions that you can adapt for fixing this error. Especially if you are using window 10 then these solutions will definitely help you out.

Before taking any of the solution into consideration you are suggested to shut down your computer, modem plus router and then restart them and try reconnecting.

Method 1

set the DNS server manually

In case, your DNS server has encountered the downtime then you are suggested to use another DNS server for continuing the accessing to the web portals. There are several DNS providers available and you can choose anyone according to your preference. In case, if you have already set a custom DNS server then you should try for the alternatives like google public DNS or cisco open DNS.

Method 2

Uninstall or reinstall the network drivers

There are several users who have found that “the uninstall the network driver” automatically resolve the issues. If you are willing to fix the DNS server not responding windows 10 system then you are suggested to follow the steps given.

  • First of all, go to the device manager of your laptop and then click on it and launch it
  • After you need to scroll down to expand the network adaptors and then right click on the active network connection and uninstall the driver
  • Finally, you need to right click on any of the adaptor and select the scan for hardware changes option. You will see that that driver will reappear again. In case you do not get the option that you need to disconnect your wi-fi adaptor cable connection and then reconnect again.

Method 3

Set your mac address manually

In case after adopting the first two solutions, you are still persisting the problem then try to set your mac address manually. District always works. The address is supposed to be uniquely identifying a piece of network equipment and also known as the physical address. But before doing this it is important for you to note down your physical mac address. Once you know what you are physical mac address is, you need to ensure that the network connection is also using the same address.

Method 4

Clear the DNS cache

  • If you are willing to clear of the DNS cache then you are suggested to follow the steps given below.
  • First of all, you need to launch the command prompt as an administrator and then type the command cmd.
  • Thereafter you need to type the commands as

Ipconfig /flushDNS

Ipconfig /registerDNS

Ipconfig /release

Ipconfig /renew

Now you have successfully cleared the DNS cache and the error will be resolved.

Method 5

Update all your network drivers

Go to the device manager window and then select the network adaptors option. Within seconds, a new screen will appear and you need to right click on the active network adaptor and then hit on the update driver tab. In case any of the update is available then it is important for you to apply it.

Hence these are some of the major solutions that you can adopt for solving the DNS server not responding windows 10 issue immediately. In case, still the problem persists then you need to upgrade to the latest firmware on your router or turn off microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter.

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