Install Foxfi Key APK with complete Guide in 2020

FoxFi key

The Foxfi Key APK application allows you to turn your mobile device into a Mobile Hotspot without any requirement of a tether plan or rooting process. This application contains both PdaNet (which can be used as Bluetooth or USB mode) and Foxfi (however, the Wi-Fi mode – which will not work on your mobile device). Now, it is possible to share your mobile phone’s internet connection to your tablets, laptops, or computers using the Wi-Fi Hotspot (which is available only for a few mobile models), Bluetooth mode, or even through USB cable.

FoxFi key

Different Modes

Verizon mobile phones which have Android 7.0 version (Nougat) or later will no longer support for the Wi-Fi Hotspot mode. However, you need to access this application through Bluetooth mode or USB mode. Make sure to know in deep about the modes.

Bluetooth Mode

Android tablets (excluding the Android 4.4 version), Windows computer (PC), or any other device which is compatible with Bluetooth DUN will allow the Bluetooth ode connection.

USB Mode

This mode is commonly use on entire Android mobiles and also allows connections even from the MAC or Windows computers. The Wi-Fi Share feature provided by the PdaNet converts the tunneling from Windows computer as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. It allows other devices to connect and share the mobile device’s internet connection.

App Information

You can download the Foxfi Key APK file at free of cost with the version 1.03, which can use for either Foxfi and PdaNet with Android Trigger. It also provides a lifetime certificate for both android apps. With regards to the protection factor, Android 7.0 (Nougat) and other upcoming android tools are not compatible. You can use the USB cable for Foxfi android app to link or share the web even on your Verizon devices.

This app triggers the Wi-Fi sharing of internet connection through the Hotspot with a wide range of devices group. This free variation is also available under the Google Play Store, with some restricted access to its entire features. It is possible to use the key for Foxfi key APK 2020 download to utilize the full paid subscription without any hassle. The most important vital information of this app usage is to utilize the Wi-Fi Hotspot on all the Android phones for web sharing.

Key Features

Find below the most important key features:

Block users – You can make use of the One-click to block or unblock any specific user, if once they reached the predefined usage limit.

Limit user access – You can disconnect the user’s connection or limit their access. Also, limit their speed access depending upon the speed limit.

Usage stats – You can review the detailed statistics of specific user’s data usage with regards to sharing speed and user’s connection.

No root access – Foxfi or PdaNet+ does not require root access to share the internet through USB or via a Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth mode – With a secured way, you can make use of a Bluetooth feature to share your internet connection with other mobile devices.

Security – Your internet connection can share through a secure way over USB mode or a Wi-Fi mode. For more security, you can use this app for Hotspot protection through WPA 2 or WPA key.

USB sharing mode – USB mode is the most common option which is compatible to share the Internet on Mac or Windows systems.

Wi-Fi Hotspot access – It is much easier to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot access on the entire Android mobiles and it is also compatible for Verizon devices (where the in-built hotspot is not available).

Minimum system requirements

  • For net sharing, you can use either USB or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modes.
  • The confirmation of key file using the Functioning internet link.
  • 10 MB of free space required for app installation.
  • 256 MB RAM capacity required to execute the app on your android device.
  • Supported for Android version 2.2 or higher versions.

Few things to know

PdaNet+ and Foxfi are specially using for Verizon devices. The access point is the vital information which is require on Android mobiles to active the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. Since Verizon devices are working based on the CDMA network and do not have the access point. Hence, it is not possible to share the internet directly using the Hotspot option and use the USB mode for net sharing. To overcome this situation, you have to use Foxfi or PdaNet+ to activate the Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Verizon devices.

It is must to activate the full version of Foxfi Key for app access. With the latest android update, some of the devices are not compatible with this app. Before buying the application, check the support device list for Foxfi and PdaNet+. It is not supported for Android version 7.0 or later. Hence, you need to use the USB mode on your MAC or Windows operating system to share the internet. Make use of USB Tethering Mode on your MAC or Windows computer to connect your devices for net sharing.

Unknown Information

This website shares the Foxfi Key APK download (.apk) file to use within the application. Prior to the license key installation, you need to install the app from the Google Play Store. After successful installation, you can activate the Foxfi Key .apk file with PdaNet+ for lifetime access and comes with free of cost. You need to Install the activator and the application on your Android device. Please check the compatible device list before installing the application.

It is most important to install the application with a full version to utilize all the features, in case if the device is listed under the compatible devices. Because you can use only a limited feature to use the free or trial version. Within the free trial period, you can disconnect the user and stop the Hotspot connection. It is required to unlock the Foxfi Key unlocked APK application to use on your Android tablets and phones.

Few Tips

The Foxfi key APK application can be used to connect tablets, computers, and even the gaming console. The infrastructure mode of the access point is with WPA2 security. The Foxfi usage can utilize the same mobile data plan and does not require an additional tethering plan to use. During the free trial version, you need to restart the Foxfi application to continue with the remaining free trial period. The Foxfi has been removed from the AT&T and Sprint market.

Tips to follow

  • With the help of Foxfi add-on app, you can use the proxy server address settings on your computer browser to hide the tethering usage.
  • You can obtain the correct IP address by repairing the Windows within the Wi-Fi menu.
  • It is most essential to change the hotspot name before the activation after changing or renaming the hotspot account password.
  • After activating the hotspot, you will receive a notification with regards to the feature of built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, please ignore it. You will not be charged unless you subscribe for the tethering plan.
  • Foxfi is tested only on non-rooted mobile devices. It may work or not on the rooted RAM mobile phones.
  • If you are connecting your computer with the Samsung mobile devices and not able to obtain an IP address then you need to enable the wireless connection on your mobile device first and connect to the Foxfi application.
  • If you are experiencing any Wi-Fi related issues with hotspot connection then you need to restart your mobile device and also rename or change the hotspot name before the activation to resolve this issue.

Foxfi Key APK Install for Android

Follow the below-provided instructions to download and install the application:

  • Prior to the installation, you need to enable the “Unknown source” option to install the application from the third-party websites. Access the Settings option on your Android mobile and navigate to Security feature. On the other hand, ensure that the Unknown source option is turned on. This activation will allow you to provide permission to any sort of games and application to install on your Android device even from the third-party sources.
  • Before installing the PdaNet+ application, you need to download the APK file from the third-party website. Then download the PdaNet+ application from the Google Play Store. Initially after the installation, you can make use of the free trial version for a certain period of time to utilize the application. Search and locate the downloaded file on your android device. Select the App symbol and click on the Install option to proceed with the installation process.
  • As a result, after successful installation, you can access the Foxfi key 1.04 Apk file and your application will activate automatically on your device. Now, you should be able to access the application without paying money to activate the app.

Activate Foxfi key

FoxFi key for iOS

For information, TweakBox is said to be the best third party app-store to get FoxFi Key Apk for iOS devices. After installing this application, you need to follow the steps discussed below.

  • You can now launch Tweakbox and choose the apps option which is available on the top.
  • Now tap to open Tweakbox apps option.
  • Search it for FoxFi key to download and install on iOS device.
  • By visiting the TweakBox interface, you can tap on install button.
  • When prompted, then again click on Install.
  • Now, you need to wait for TweakBox in order to install FoxFi key.
  • After the application is installed, you can see the icon which is appearing on the home screen.
  • It is necessary to trust FoxFi key iOS app profile in order to fix Untrusted enterprise developer error.
  • Visit the settings and General, then Profile & Device Management.
  • Click the profile of FoxFi key and tap on trust. If again prompted, then click trust.
  • Finally, the application is ready to access on your iOS device.

Install Foxfi App on PC

You can follow the below-provided methods to install the Foxfi key APK 2019 application on your MAC or Windows computer using the Wi-Fi Tethering without root access:

Install the Foxfi app using the Nox App Player

Install the Foxfi app using the Bluestacks App Player

Installation process Foxfi app using the Nox App Player

In this manner, prior to the application get to, you have to introduce the Nox App Player on your PC (MAC or Windows PC). It is mainly runs like an Android Emulator.

In the wake of introducing the Nox player, sign in utilizing your Google account. Utilize the Tab searcher and peruse for Foxfi application (Wi-Fi tying without root get to) and find a similar establishment document. You have to introduce the Foxfi application on your Nox Emulator. After effective establishment, you can play the Foxfi application on your PC.

Installation process Foxfi app using the Bluestacks App Player

The Android App player will allow executing the Androids apps to run on your computer is known as Bluestacks. Furthermore, you can follow the below procedure to install the application:

  • You need to install the Bluestacks application on your computer and access the same. From the emulator application, click on the My Apps option. Use the search option and browse for the Foxfi key 1.04 Apk application. Locate the App (Wi-Fi tethering without root access) and click on the Install button.
  • Next, login using your Google account and download the application from the Google Play through the Bluestacks emulator. Moreover, after logging into your Google account, the Foxfi app installation will start automatically depending upon your internet access.


However, if you are experiencing any latency issues while using the Bluestacks software then you need to install the Microsoft .net Framework application on your computer to fix the issue. Furthermore, you can also find the Foxfi APK file (Wi-Fi tethering without root access) through the Android Emulator.

  • The Foxfi key APK file can install on your PC with the help of Android emulator for future use. Once you installed the Foxfi app using the full version key, both PdaNet and FoxFi applications will display the message stating “Full Version Unlocked” on your bottom screen and it is not require to purchase the product for activation. However, if you are experiencing any issues with the activation of your application then the problem could occur because of your Google account.



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