How long do Laptops Last and the best long lasting laptops features

How long do Laptops Last

Your Laptop can be a specially designed compact electronic office to use in hand. It can be utilized anywhere and at any time for official purposes or gaming purposes. The Laptop is another revolution that spawned the entire entrepreneurship levels and also referred to as a “Four-hour workweek”. Your entire work will be based on your laptop. Hence, your laptop should not last forever. However, the lifespan of your laptop may differ and the average lifespan may be within 3 to 5 years of use. Let’s find the solution for How long do Laptops Last.

How long do Laptops Last

Long Lasting Laptops – Features

Your laptop can long-last based on your care and the tasks it performs. Find below the list of components that can assist your laptop future-proof:

Memory – It may be a brick if you are using RAM memory less than 8GB capacity. In case if you prefer to work on the latest software then it is essential to have at least 8 GB RAM for better performance and not possible to go back.

Processor – The Intel Core i5 or i7 (8th Generation or 9th Generation) will be super-fast to handle the daily requirements with enough speed even for games as well.

SSD (Solid-State Drive) – An SSD is more expensive and can assist to execute the things quickly and smoothly. They are very much responsive and faster when compared with the classic hard drives. It will provide the overall pleasant user experience to use. You should have at least 500GB SSD capacity for better performance.

Hard Drive – The OS updates are getting bigger and even mobile phones will utilize unlimited pictures and videos. It is advisable to have at least a storage space of 500 GB and safer to have 1 TB storage space.

How long do your Laptops Last

It is expensive to replace the laptops and need to spend money on each part. By the end of your laptop life, it has to be replaced, but it is possible to extend its life by taking care of the laptop and investing in quality parts. Find below some important tips for long-lasting your laptop:

  • A good laptop bag or carry case will protect your laptop for a long way during travel or in storage. Never pile anything on your laptop and transport safely by storing it in the carry case.
  • Very quickly, your laptop will get heated. Never rest the laptop on your legs for numerous hours or block anything to allow proper ventilation.
  • Laptops can be damaged by magnets and need to stay away. It applies for any magnetic field like large electromagnetic superconductors, refrigerators, speakers, and TVs.
  • Your laptop screen may be the gateway and also fragile. Ensure that it should not be damaged or cracked and clean only using approved soft clothes, wipes, or chemicals.
  • Make a note of temperature changes. Sometimes you may enter the warm room from the outside cool climate. It is advisable to wait for some time to warm up the laptop to match the room temperature. Temperature changes may also affect your laptop performance.
  • You are the only one accessing your laptop for the entire day. Did you allow your kid to access your laptop without their hand-wash? You should wash your hands properly and make sure it never transfers any oils, grime, or dirt into the mouse, track-pad, or keys.
  • It is important to clean your desk and the room properly to use your laptop cleanly.
  • It is always cute to have a pet animal but its hair or fur should not get into your laptop like a crumb. Ensure that you are working in a pet-free zone. It is an added advantage for not deleting your work or setting on your laptop or keyboard.
  • The same applies to the food as well. Some of the tiny crumbs or ham sub may easily get within the keys to damage and become lodged. You can save the trouble and utilize the well-deserved eating break.
  • Sometimes, you may spill the drinks or water on your laptop. It is not advisable to knock the coffee cup towards your laptop. Keep away the liquids and not required to worry about spills.

Taking proper care of your laptop will make it work long-lasting without any hassle.

Making your Laptop Battery to work long-lasting

Find below the list of some useful tips to make your laptop battery work for long-lasting:

  • Optimize the peripherals
  • Pay attention to the entire working environment
  • Laptop display should be adjusted
  • Reduce the currently running tasks
  • Perform the proper Power Management system
  • It is required to maintain the laptop battery regularly

The portability of your laptop will reflect based on its power connection (battery) and design. Your laptop can work for a long-lasting time but the battery life will be shorter when compared. If the battery is older then it will reduce the charging holding ability. The laptop battery has the capability to handle or hold only 500 charging cycles.

A charging cycle will starts from a full discharge at 0% to back-up recharge at 100%. Based on your regular use, the laptop battery will start to fail within 1 or 2 years. While getting nearer to the end of its lifespan, the battery can hold the charge only for shorter periods.

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