How Many Types of Tents Available in the Market?

Based on the size, usability, structure, function, and surrounding environment, there are several types of tents available in the market. This article is completely dedicated to you. Below, we have a detailed guide on the types of tents available in the market.

Everyone likes traveling and camping. The experience of traveling, camping, cooking, grilling in the rain, mountains, wow! Amazing. A tent is an inevitable investment option for a camping trip. You just need to select the right tent type according to your actual requirements. Let’s have a brief discussion on each type of tents available in the market.

Types of Tents Available in the Market


  1. Cabin Tents:

Cabin-style tents are the most popular and widely used types of tents available in the market. These tents stand as an unbeatable option when it comes to summer family camping trips. They have a box-like structure with straight walls. They are also known for their excellent ventilation because of the good number of windows with mesh panels, air-intake ground vents, and mesh ceiling.

Even, pitching a cabin style tent is very easy and quick. Most of them available in the market comes with an instant setup mechanism. Standing as a family camping tent option, they also offer multiple rooms. Well-known brands like Core, Coleman, Ozark Trail, etc. are offering some great cabin tent options.

  1. Tunnel Tents:

Tunnel-style tents are another popular category of tents available in the market. Typically, these tents have inflatable air beams instead of classic poles. As its name suggests, they have elongated structures with poles creating arches. Hence, you have a constant tunnel-like structure and the height of the tent remains the same along the main axes of the tent. Therefore, you get a good headroom space.

Due to their design, they are not freestanding structures. You will need to properly stake down the tent to the ground. Tunnel family camping tents come in multiple rooms. The Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 tent and Eurohike Buckingham Elite 8 tent are the best examples to consider.

  1. Dome Tents:

Those who are on a backpacking trip will find dome-style tents the best option. These tents have aerodynamic structures and they can easily withstand harsh winds and other weather conditions. Due to their design and shape, the height of the tent at the center is not the same as the height at the sides. Dome tents are easier to pitch and takedown.

They generally have one or two doors, air vents, and multiple windows. Not all but some of the dome tents are freestanding. Most of the dome tents come with a partial coverage rainfly. The Coleman 6 person cabin tent and Timber ridge 6 tent is the best examples you can consider.

  1. Bell Tents:

If you are a cold-weather camping enthusiast or looking for an all-season camping tent then you can consider bell tents. Most of the bell tents come in cotton canvas fabric. This will keep you warm in a colder environment and keep the tent well ventilated in summers. Structure-wise, bell tents have a central thick pole and an A-shaped pole at the door. Typically, these tents are large and tall. These also stand as good for family camping trips.

Some of the bell tents offer you the best luxurious experience. They also have a good number of windows with mesh and waterproof panels. The air vents can be found high on the roof. Some of them also come with removable floors. You can roll up the walls and you get a good canopy structure for family garden events.

  1. Teepee Tents:

Teepee tents or tipi tents have a very similar design to the bell tents. The only main difference is that tipi tents do not have vertical walls. There is one thick central pole. These tents are not freestanding structures. It is not possible to pitch a tipi tent without staking it down to the ground. The tipi tents offer a huge door for easy entry and exit.

You can also find a good number of windows with mesh panels. Some of the teepee tents also offer air vents for proper air circulation. The Winterial6-7 personteepee tent and Wenzel 11.5 x 10-foot shenanigan 5-person teepee camping tent are the best examples to consider.

  1. Geodesic and Semi-Geodesic Tents:

If you are looking for a durable tent that can withstand any harsh weather conditions then geodesic tents are the best option. These tents can be also used for mountaineering. Structure-wise, the tent poles criss-cross over the surface, intersecting to form a triangle shape. These crossing poles not only makes the tent very stable but also offer a great spacious interior.

This structure practically reduces stress and make it taut to withstand several weather conditions. These tents have a similar structure to dome-style tents but they have extra poles. The semi-geodesic tents have fewer poles. They are lightweight and used for less harsh weather conditions.

  1. Bivy Tents:

The bivy tents are perfect for solo campers and solo hikers. These tents have a few poles and very easy to setup. Taking down bivy tents is as easy as pitching the tent. Look-wise, they have a shape of a wedge and the high point of height is one side of the tent. For backpacking trips, the less weight you carry, the more comfortable you will feel.

Bivy tents are lightweight and easier to carry. These tents also offer good weather resistance and they can keep you dry in rainy conditions. Those who need a family camping tent will not find bivy tents the right option.

  1. Car-Top Tents:

Car-top tents are an alternative to RV camping. You have your car and a camping tent on the roof of your car. Cars will solid roof racks are the best option for these tents. Those people who love to drive their car on long-distance trips can sleep in their car-top tents.

They come with a ladder that allows you to get inside the tent. The ladder can be detached as per convenience. Pitching a car-top tent for a single person or beginner can be a little tricky.

Final Verdict

Based on the use and environment, there are many types of tents you will find. Above, we have briefly discussed the type of tents available in the market. You just need to select the right tent type according to your actual camping requirements. If you need a family camping tent then nothing will be best than a cabin-style tent or bell tent. You can also ask your queries in the comments section below. Keep reading for the latest camping guides and tips.

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