How to make discord screen share in simple steps

Discord screen share process

Playing games can be a great entertainer but have you ever been concerned about not being able to talk to your online friends or other team players during the game? However, chatting and talking during any online game can be pretty much easy and simply convenient for every player in the game. But, reaching the other team players during the game can be much difficult, especially if you don’t have an app or software like discord screen share in your smartphone or the desktop. You need not worry about getting in touch with your team players or communicating with your team players during the game, which is obviously easy and comfortable enough.

If you ask how? Then here is discord, one of the best online communication and chat app that serves both text chat, voice chat and video chat though.

Discord screen share process

What is Discord?

Just like any other communication and chat apps, this particular chatting app or the software has got a good set of users from all around the world. What about the safety? Of course, it is a very popular app or software that simply deals with the communication and chatting through voice chat or through the video chat for sure. Discord screen share can be used as the right mode of communication and to chat through the online game. You just have to download the software into your smartphone or the desktop and then just begin with the usage of the app.

Using this particular app or the software is simply easy, as it involves no much efforts to be put while you use or it also does not involves any knowledge that the user needs to learn before using the app. It would be just like the regular and the usual chat app that you have been always using though. However, discord app is much convenient to every smartphone that anyone could have and of course it can also be downloaded on various operating systems of the desktop and it would be easily operational in all sorts of platforms that revolves around both the smartphones and the desktops.

Features of Discord

You might think that discord is just similar to other platforms, but no, only if you know it has a loads of difference when it comes to using the communication app. Yes, there are loads of other free communication software and the apps and this particular discord app simply stands out in the heavy competition as it has got a wide arena of chat options. It simply involves all the features of the most commonly used chat and video apps such slack, skype that comes with the easy interface for sure.

Find or create a server

Yes, you can do both! A player or the user can simply create or a find a server and can easily set up a chat rooms that can be your own team room or the private room for just you players and your friends or otherwise you can also make use of discord screen share. However, these servers can be broken down further into some small channels that would just involve only the people you add.

Make friends

This is another great feature that can help you make friends online without having to worry about your personal data or information or any kind of privacy for sure. The app simply supports the ability to make friends in the software during any online game that can be contacted directly outside the server and connect to any server for sure. You can find your friends easily just by their names in the servers and see if they have already joined or yet to join.

Connect through social media

Of course, you don’t have to do any regular registration as it just involves just too easily explore or register on the app or the discord app using the social media sites or the accounts that you already have. It means that you don’t have to actually remember your email address or the password while you login as it just needs a certain account for you to login within the app for sure.

How to share screen on Discord?

Discord screen share simply involves some easy steps and methods that does not actually cause any much efforts on the whole. However, using this particular chat room or the chat app or the communication app you can simply show off your game while you are actually playing the game though. It becomes very much easy the way you use your weapons, guide your team or any strategy that you use can be taught to others who are watching your screen.

  • You first have to open the discord app on the device and then select the room that you want to stream.
  • Next, if you want to stream with a voice then you should go to that particular room and then go ahead for streaming in.
  • Once done, discord will detect the app that is actually running and the icon will be visible over the left bottom of the application though.
  • Now, you have to simply select the chat room or the channel wherein you want to stream in and that will simply start the streaming. Or else, you can also change the settings and then make up to the streaming part of the game.
  • However, streaming in a private chat room or the channel is very easy, as you just have to start a private call and it will just offer a share screen option, and then you can go ahead with the streaming part.


Streaming is pretty much easy especially when it comes to using the discord app or probably every time you want to use it for discord screen share which makes it effortless for all the users except for a public chat room or the channel, as you will have to look up for permissions if that has been granted for sharing screen.

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