Mideo app installation and its features

Mideo app

Technology always brings out something new to us. Every time whenever we look forward to the modifications available in applications than the list is so long. One can take the example of mideo app. Earlier, the applications available where one can either listen to music or can record video. But with the help of mideo application, one can listen to music while recording the video as well. Yes, you read it right. This application hit in the category of best apps when a user wishes to listen to music along with video recording.

Mideo app

Here we will be going to discuss everything you need to know about this wonderful application.

What is mideo application?

Mideo application developed for all those who feel like they cannot record videos along with the music. Yes, you read it right. Now there is no need for a user to engage in a lot of Editing after shooting the video just because they wish to cut out all the unnecessary noise is coming in the background. This application will fulfill their requirements to record the video along with the music. Also, this application is very easy to use, and user will not going to pay any kind of trouble at all.

How to install Mideo Application?

For installing the mideo application, a user needs to follow very simple steps. It includes:-

  1. At the very first, open Play Store and search for the application.
  2. After getting the application, click on install.
  3. Within no time the application will get downloaded in your phone.
  4. There might be a chance it will ask for certain permission to allow them.
  5. After allowing them, you are ready to take advantage of all the features available in it.

Features available in Mideo app

The features which make this application worth to use include:

Music will not pause

When you have played music in the background, and now you are looking forward to record video the music will not pause at all. Along with the music, you can record the video. But make sure you have allowed the music to play.

Easy to use

There is no need for a person to understand any hard and fast rule whenever they are using this application. It is available in a user-friendly interface, and no problem will be created to the user at all. You just need to install the application by the above mention steps and get access to all the features available in it.


Whether you have an Android device or iOS, it is supported in both devices. There is no need for you to fix your device does because you wish to use an application. You just need to allow the installation, and with no time, you can see that you can get access to the features available.


Mideo app is secure to use as well. There is no need for a user to feel like that this application is not secure to use. They just need to understand the terms of privacy and this is it there will be no trouble created to the user in any case. This application will provide them with best experience.

Free and premium

Mideo application is available in both the version free and premium. In the free version, you will be going to get the watermark on the video you have recorded, and in premium version, the same option is not there. Also, some additional features are available in the premium version.

Multi-device supported

There is no need for you to feel like you cannot use it with Bluetooth headphones, built-in speakers, and other audio streams available with you. All the devices support it. You just need to connect the device and engage in the activities.

Sharing options

After recording the video, if you wish to share the same, then the option is available. You can easily share the content on YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, and other social media applications available. There is no need for you to store it primarily in your device and then share it.

Video quality

Video quality will not get affected at all points the video quality supported by mideo application is up to the mark. If you wish to customize the video quality options, the option is also there.

Audio source

Whichever the audio source you are using it is supported by this application. It supports Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, wynk, and so on. Just understand how you are ready to use it and then further complete the task you wish.

Wrapping up

Mideo application is a one-stop destination for all those who are fond of recording video whenever they are engaging in an activity. Now there is no need for you to edit the video anymore. Here you will be able to complete the video in one go. After the video is recorded, you can save it in your gallery as well.

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