How to Create Multiple Snapchat Accounts in Android

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows the users to share the images and videos with others. The unique feature of this app is that these videos and images are erased as soon as they are viewed. Snapchat owes its popularity to this feature in particular since people have fallen in love with the idea. Also, this app allows the users to add filters and lenses to the pictures. For fun loving people, this is great news and Snapchat has been very famous with them. If you are looking to run multiple snapchat accounts on the same device, then read this post.

multiple snapchat accounts process

You may need multiple accounts of the same app for many reasons like chatting separately with friends, family and colleagues. It is a little difficult to run multiple accounts of the same app from a single device since the app does not allow this. However, it does not mean that it is impossible. There are ways to use multiple snapchat accounts from the same device. You have to make use of cloning apps which are third party apps for this. By using these cloning apps, you can use multiple accounts of snapchat from your device. Let us see how to do this in detail.

Steps to Create Multiple Snapchat Accounts in Android Device

To create and use multiple snapchat accounts you have to download a cloning app called “parallel space”. This app is available for free. You can make use of it to create multiple accounts of any other app you want. There is no need for jail breaking when you are using this cloning app. Follow the steps given below to use multiple accounts of snapchat on your android device. Make sure you have the installed version of snapchat on your device before you use a cloning app.

  • Go to the Google PlayStore and search for “Parallel space”.
  • Now, once you have found it, start downloading it. Wait for the installation to complete.
  • After launching the app is complete, tap on the start button present at the screen’s bottom.
  • The apps that are pre existing on your phone will be displayed. You have to choose the snapchat app since you want to clone that.
  • At the bottom, you will be shown “add to parallel space” button.
  • After choosing snapchat, you have to tap on this “add to parallel space” button.
  • The cloning app will display a statement and ask for your permission. You can either accept it or reject it.
  • Once you do that, the second app will get downloaded in your device and you can start using it.

Steps to Create Multiple Snapchat Accounts in iPhone Device

To run multiple snapchat accounts in your iPhone device, you can use It is an app that can be downloaded from your browser. You can use this app to create multiple accounts of any app that you want. Just follow the simple steps to do that.

  • Visit safari on your device and search for “”.
  • Start installing the app on your iPhone.
  • After the installation is over, visit the settings of your device.
  • In the settings, click “general” and then tap “device management” in order to trust the app’s developer.
  • Now you can search for snapchat ++ on the home screen of Appvalley app. Tap on it to install as econd account.
  • That is it! You can now enjoy running a second account of snapchat from your iPhone.

We have given you details about how you can run multiple snapchat accounts from your device. Hope you liked the post and have a great time using the multiple accounts!

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