Your Connection Is Not Private – How to fix chrome errors?

Fix Your connection is not private


You may receive an error message “Your Connection is Not Private” while trying to access some websites. Your web browser will prompt this message to indicate that the web access connection is not secure. Your device can be easily hacked if you are not utilizing an encryption or antivirus program. For accessing a website, the web browser should check the installed digital certificates on the server. Then, it can ensure that the website is safe and with privacy standards to access.

Fix Your connection is not private

In case, if the web browser identified the wrong information within the certificate, the site access will be restricted. This leads to display the error message “Your Connect is not private”. The certificates are also known as Identity certificates or public key infrastructure. It is proof to identify the website access. Your things such are payment information, passwords, and personal information are protected by Digital Certificates. The SSL certificate may be another issue to your unsecured connections.

Methods to fix the error message “Your Connection is not private”

It is not advisable to access an unsecured website and also unaware of the website’s integrity. The warning message could be triggered for two things: the actual cause with your browser settings or issue with the website’s digital certificates. However, you can follow the below-mentioned different methods to resolve the “Your Connection is not private” error message:

DNS Update

In case of any changes or modifications to the DNS servers then it may automatically obtain an IP address for access. The issue could be with the Google Public DNS server address changed to or IP addresses. It is much easier to update the new DNS by accessing the Control Panel settings.

  • Access the Control Panel settings on your computer.
  • Navigate to Network & Sharing Center and click the “Adapter Settings” option.
  • Select your preferred network and right-click to choose the Properties option.
  • On the existing pop-up window, access the Networking tab.
  • Enable the option TCP/IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) or TCP/IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) and press the Properties icon.
  • Access the General tab and enable the option “Obtain the DNS Server Address automatically”.

Disable Antivirus Program

Your network settings may also get affected by your antivirus program. You can just try disabling the program temporarily to try accessing the website and check if you are getting the error message “Your Connection is not private”.

Clearing SSL State

You can get back your computer to a normal state by clearing the SSL digital certificates. This is a similar process of clearing the cache files on your web browser. To clear the SSL Digital certificates on your Chrome browser or Windows computer, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Windows icon or Start menu and input the keyword “Internet options”.
  • Access the Internet options.
  • Within the Content tab, press the option “Clear SSL State”.
  • Once it is done, you need to restart your Google Chrome web browser.

Now, try again to access the website and check if you are still getting the error message “Your Connection is not private”.

Clearing the Web Browser Cache files

For any browser-related issues, it is recommended to try clearing the cache files. Make use of the Clearing Web Browser Data functionality for resolving the notification “Your Connection is not private”. First, you need to check if you are still getting a similar error while working on the Incognito Mode.

This mode will allow the users to browse the websites successfully without storing personal information like browser cookies & history. If you are successfully able to access the website in Incognito Mode then you need to clear the web browser cache files by following the below steps:

  • Access the Google Chrome browser and press the Shift + Ctrl + N keys simultaneously to access the Incognito Mode.
  • For clearing the cache files, access the Google Chrome Settings.
  • Access the More Tools options and press Shift + Ctrl + Del keys simultaneously or press the Clear Browsing Date icon.
  • Choose your preferred time range and enable the option “Cached Files and Images”.
  • Now, press the Clear Data icon to continue.
  • Once it is done, you can try again to access the website.

Check your System Clock

This could be another chance to get this error message if the system’s clock is not properly synced. Google Chrome browser will rely only on the system clock to set it up properly to verify the SSL digital certificates. Due to this, you will receive the error message “Your Connection is not private”. It is much easier to set your system clock with proper date & time by following the below steps:

  • Right-click on the System Time icon that is available on the Windows taskbar.
  • Choose the option Adjust Date or Time.
  • Turn on the option “Set Time Automatically”.

Once it is done, you can try again accessing the same website and check if you are still receiving the “Your Connection is not private” error message.

Restarting your System or Computer

This could be an annoying method, but still, it is required to follow. If the multiple options are not working then you could try restarting your router and the system. Most of them will utilize numerous applications or tabs for accessing their device. Hence, this could be the last option to follow on your troubleshooting part. However, restarting the devices will assist to clear the numerous hiccups and temporary cache files.

Operating System Update

Older operating systems will never support the latest technologies. The Chrome browser will stop supporting the latest cipher or latest technologies like TLS 1.3 version. It won’t work properly with the specific components updated within the latest SL certificates. In 2015, Google Chrome stopped its support for the Windows XP operating system. It is recommended to update your operating system to the latest version like Windows 10 OS or Mac OS X. Ensure that your device should be up-to-date on Mac, Windows, or even other operating devices.

Running the SSL Server Test

If your website is properly designed and still not sure about the error message. Then, it is advisable to run the SSL Server test on your website. TLS or SSL certificates are not only the essentials for your website’s main certificate. It is also required to install the intermediate certificates (Chain). If it is not properly assigned then the users may experience this error message on the Google Chrome browser. Based on your web browser & its version, users may see this incorrect certification warning.

It is recommended to utilize the free SSL Checker tools available across the online marketplace. Some of them are reliable and utilized with trust in verifying the certificates. Just access the SSL Checker tool, enter your domain name, and press the Submit icon. In case if you prefer, it is also possible to hide the public results. Once the scanning process is completed, it will display the entire information of your website’s TLS or SSL configuration.

Ensure that Certificate is not expired

Most of the time, without the knowledge of the website owner, the SSL certificates are getting expired. This is happening even for the Fortune 500 companies and just thinks about you. It is possible to find a solution within a few seconds. Even the Hungtington Bank had also prompted to renew their website’s SSL certificate. Following are some reasons that happen to receive this error message:

  • The website owner might utilize the free Encrypt certification that will expire every 90 days. They might forget or not yet replaced with the new script for access. But still, there are some automated processes to update the free SSL certificates before it expires.
  • If you had enabled Auto-renew option and payment might be failed if you forgot to process the payment method. Users will frequently replace the credit card details through the dashboard of the domain registrar.
  • The website owner might not enable with auto-renew feature with the SSL certificate provider or the domain registrar.

The result will showcase the following error code “NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID”. Make use of Google Chrome’s DevTools to easily check your website’s certificate expiration date. Press the View Certification option by navigating to the Security tab. The certification information will display the Valid from dates. Another easiest and quickest method is to press the Padlock on your Chrome browser address bar. Press the Certificate icon to view your website’s SSL certification information.

Make use of Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Most of them will prefer to clear the cache files on their Google Chrome browser. That is much easier to perform the troubleshooting part. However, you can easily identify whether the issue is related to your web browser by accessing it in Incognito mode. To overcome the “Your Connection is not private” error message, it is also advisable to test with another web browser. However, you should not rule out your Google Chrome browser’s extensions.

Reload or Refresh the Webpage

The error message “Your Connection is not private” might be a little obvious for some users. But the easiest thing to resolve this error message just by closing and refreshing your web browser. It will assist the background process to reload the existing webpage to display. This could happen if there is something happening on the browser. Or, the website owner may re-issue the new SSL certificates.

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